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Based on ​​Deko idea

Thermix H2O

Series 34O Roller – Series 49O Spray

Roller and Spray application

Excellent non-stick

Easy application

two or three layers

Silk screen available

New water base coating system

perfect results in high deep drawing operation

Technical data sheet

This cycle based on water dispersion resins gives to the final product the same performance as a solvent base coatings in terms of appearance, thermal resistance and flexibility, with a considerable reduction of the VOC as well.
The use of water dispersion resins makes easy the general Coockware production, when high thermal, deep drawing and dishwasher resistance performances are required.
The production process equipment can be washed in normal water when a water dispersion resin system is used.

Series 340

Series 340

Product code: 340.XXXX
Color: Base and metal effect
Application: Roller

Series 490

Series 490

Product code: 490.XXXX
Color: Base and metal effect
Application: Spray

“The non-stick that makes the difference”

Deko srl

Innovative Non-Stick Systems



3÷6′ to 240°C (metal temperature)

Total film thickness

18÷25 μm


100 %

Adhesion after boiling

100 %

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